Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Netflix... ♥

Hey There,

So i mentioned in my recent post (March Favourites) that i am loving netflix at the moment because it has only just come out here in Australia.

So for this post today i thought i would share with you some of the shows/films i am loving on there at the moment.

So far the best show i have ever watched on there is 'Arrow' On Australian netflix there is only 2 seasons so i am patiently waiting for the 3rd season to end so it can come on netflix. I won't say too much on this show but it's basically about a rich guy trying to do good. Obviously there is more to the story line and i haven't really sold it to you but i don't want to ruin it for you in case you decide to watch it. i watched the first episode and i was hooked i think i watched the 2 seasons in two days...

Next is a film i loved way before it came out on Netflix called 'The Blind Side' some of you may have heard of it but some of you may not it's all about a rich family being judged for looking after a black child and how they helped him in the world. It is such an amazing film!

The TV Show i am currently watching (literally i am writing this while watching it) is Heroes. Yes yes i know it's like 5 years old but i have only just found it and thought i would give it ago. as you can probably guess it's about heroes with super powers... it took me a few episodes to get in to the story line but now i love it!

So there are three things that i am loving on netflix. if they had every single TV show made in the world then I'm pretty sure you wouldn't hear from me for a while so i suppose it's good that they don't!

If you guys know of any good TV shows on netflix (or not) then let me know as i always love watching new T.V Shows.

Just Another Girl xxx


  1. Netflix is so amazing but so addictive. I can't seem to get anything done with it in my life now haha xxx


    1. I know i am constantly finding new shows and films on there i have never seen or ones i want to re-watch xxx

  2. I really want to get netflix, now that it's out in Australia! Is it worth getting it? Do you get the same/similar shows like in America?

    Gina x

    1. You should atleast do the 30 day trial to see if you like it. It has quite a few american shows on there like Pretty Little Liars and American Horror Story, there is always something on there to watch! There is no harm in getting the free 30 Day trial though xxx