Saturday, 25 April 2015

Stressful times...♥

Hey There,

So lately as you guys know i have been struggling for inspiration (and I've read your comments and i will do a pinterest post soon!!) but i now feel it's time for me to sit down and just type...

Since it's been a while i thought i might catch you guys up on whats going on at the moment and how stressful it is!

First the good thing! It's my birthday on May the 5th and even though I've got no one to spend it with other than my mum i am super excited for it because I've got a chocolate mud cake (( not one that's sickly, it's actually amazing i had it at my boss' birthday the other day))

Now for other things... As you know i am working at a restaurant as a waitress and as much as i love it, it really does get annoying with customers being rude and i feel defenceless because i can't do or say anything other than apologise or try to calm them down and it really does annoy me. Not only have i got to worry about customers being rude other members of staff seem to be not talking to me when all i do is go to work, do my shift then go home and it infuriates me because i know i have done nothing wrong. urgh!

More stressful times are coming ahead as me and my family have decided to move house to be closer to the beach (watch out for some amazing photo's of the beach and other things around) i am super happy to be moving but this is going to be the third house i have lived in, in the space of a year! (that's mad) Now it's just the stress of packing up and making sure everything is out of one house and in the right place in the other house!

After writing this i feel kinda relaxed which is good! I am happy to be back in-front of my laptop just typing away.

See you guys soon
Just Another Girl xxx


  1. I'd love to live near the beach! Being a waitress is such a brave move! I wouldn't be able to do it, I'd get way too impatient haha. Maybe you and your workers got off on the wrong foot without realising it. Sometimes people want you to be the one to talk to them first and smile at them first (which can be so frustrating if it's a big group) I wouldn't worry about it too much but I can imagine how annoying it must be.
    Looking forward to your future posts!
    Peace xo

    1. It's going to be fun living near the beach! Thank you for your advice! xx

  2. amazing post !!!

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    have a wonderful day



  3. Living near the beach sound like so much fun! Goodness, it'll be so beautiful to wake up to in the morning.. Please try to not worry about colleagues, just keep thinking what you're really there for- to make nice customers experience even better and to earn a bit of cash? I'm sure rude staff won't get as many tips and smiles as you!

    Enjoy your day, hope things get better soon <3