Thursday, 2 April 2015

March Favourites ♥

Hey There,

So as one of my first post back i thought i would share with you guys some of the things i have been loving in March.

Once again i am sorry about not posting but with work and other things i never had chance to post and now it feels so good to be sitting in front of my laptop.

So there is a few different things in this months favourites it varies from Beauty to technology... Sp here Goes.

First Up is the Nars Weightless Foundation

I brought this at the end of February and I haven't used another foundation since! It is easily the best foundation i have used and the most expensive but it is truly worth it. It matches my skin tone perfectly and doesn't leave my face until i decide it should which is perfect for me!

Next Is the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2

I brought this as soon as it came out the other week in a store local to me and i have used every single colour and i love all of them! I have the Urban Decay Naked Palette but this palette is so different to the other one. My Favourite Colours in this Palette is Tease, Busted and Blackout.
(If you would like more detail on this palette let me know and i will do another post on it)

The Last Beauty product is the Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Ageing Cleanser. My face can be awkward, i will have no spots and a nice soft face one day and then the next i will have huge mountains on my face and rough skin and when i have these days this cleanser has been a lifesaver!!
When i have the days when i break out in spots and have rough skin this seems to tone the spots down and it also leaves my face feeling like a babies bottom... ( I still don't know if that's a good saying or a bad one...)

Yes, Yes i know what you are all probably thinking 'How late are you?' but I'm the type of person that is normally writing and not reading books but since i have not had chance to write recently i have been carrying around this book and reading it where ever i can i am yet to finish it (so please no spoilers) but it is so amazing already i can't wait to finish it!

First piece of technology i have been loving the past month is my Kindle Fire. I have had this for 1/2 years but i have forgotten about it and it's just been sitting on my shelf with no charge until the past few months. Now you still can't beat a proper book but when there is no room in my bag for a huge book this is perfect! it's so slim and light weight it's so easy to carry around! I have so many books on my kindle (some not that well known) and i have loved reading every single one!

Netflix... I had Netflix when i was in the UK but when i moved to Australia i had to cancel it because it was not available here... until a few weeks ago and i have to admit it isn't as good as the UK or American one but it's still Netflix it still has some amazing shows on there!

I have been an Apple person since the Iphone 3 came out, i have had every Iphone even multiples of some because i am so rubbish with phones but when my IPhone broke the i had to go and buy a phone myself (without the help of mum and dad) and i had been looking at the Samsung Galaxy S5 for a while so i decided to buy it, and i am not regretting it one bit! it's the best phone i have ever used (and i have had a lot of phones) although i am really upset that the S6 comes out in a few weeks!! 

So i think that is everything i have loved the past month! i know there is a lot of things there and i don't normally use so many different things but hey I've been working hard the past month so i deserve to buy myself some new things!

That's all for this post! See you guys next time!

Just Another Girl xxx

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  1. I need to read looking for Alaska haha! I havent gotten round to it yet. I have the same kindle as you and I love it but havent uses it in agesss
    Peace xo From wait what ok