Monday, 16 February 2015

The Music Tag ♥

Hey There,

So I saw this tag over on Lou's World and since i love music i thought i would give it a go. So here goes...

Favourite band/Musician at the moment?

I have two that i love, it would be Ed Sheeran and McBusted! both of their new albums are amazing!

Band/Musician you always come back to?
Westlife. All the memories that come to me when ever i hear their music is truly amazing and most of the time it makes me cry anyway!

Favourite Song Of all time?

Dance With My Father Again - Luther Vandross
I began to love this song from my mum and every time we both sing along to it when ever it comes on and in the end we always have at least one tear rolling down our face.

Most Embarrassing song in your ITunes Library?

Probably all the Country songs i have... awkward.

Favourite CD/Album?

AHH i have so many! It would either be the whole collection of Westlife, or my Ed Sheeran X or McBusted... i know so many different genres but they are all amazing!

Favourite Album Art Work?

Jason Derulo - Tattoos album art work is my favourite because of all the detail that has been put into it and if you look hard enough all the tattoos on his neck/ear relate to almost every song on his album!

Favourite Movie Soundtrack?

Either all of the High School Musicals (sad i know) or All of the Step Up Films or Grease...

Favourite Concert you've attended?
Probably Westlife (which was a surprise for my 7th birthday) or McBusted (which was for my 18th Birthday and I'm excited to go and see them again in Melbourne on the 24th Feb)

Has Your music taste changed over time?
Well i grew up listening to Westlife and Backstreet boys and Five and all them classic bands and i still do listen to them so i still listen to things that i have grew up with but i just add other musical bands/musicians as i grow up so i would say it hasn't really changed as I'm still obsessed with boy bands.

So there is my music tag hope you enjoyed it and if you want you can do this too! just leave me a comment once you are done and I'll check it out!

Thank you
Just Another Girl xxx


  1. I love reading this tag, its really interesting to see what music taste s people have. I just did my music tag x

    1. I love reading music posts too, it gets me to listen to new bands/singers! I'll check your's out now :) xx

  2. ah I love reading music-based posts! Your choices were excellent ^.^ <3

    1. Thank you! some may not like my taste in music but hey everyone to their own i guess! xx

  3. I love Ed Sheeran as well! I definitely want to try this tag :) xxx

    1. Ed Sheeran is one of the only Singer's i like! i mainly like boy bands (cliche or what)! I'll keep an eye out for your music Tag!