Monday, 30 March 2015

I'm Sorry ♥

Hey There,

So i know i haven't posted in a week and i have really missed it!

Things have been pretty hectic at the moment as i'm working nearly every night during the week and when i'm not working i have to take my sister to her activities.

But on thursday my dad comes home so he will take over that, which means i will have more time to write blog posts ahead of time! I Can't wait to be able to sit in front of my laptop and start writing again! I have been reading a bunch of your blog posts while on my break at work/on the bus and they have all given me some inspiration on what i can write so thank you!

I'm so sorry i haven't posted in a while but this week i will be back and posting again!

Just Another Girl xxx


  1. It's fine! Although I have missed your posts... I can't wait to read your next one! Just post when your ready, then you will produce the best work!
    Peace xo

  2. I hope you don't feel too stressed out about not having time to write posts.Take your time and we'll be here to read your posts when your ready. I'll look forward to reading your posts again xxx