Monday, 10 August 2015

Update... ♥

Hey There,

So since i have hardly posted recently (sorry about that) I just thought i would let you know what's going on and what i would like to do with this blog from now on...

To start of with i have some amazing news which also comes with bad news... Let's get the bad news out the way first...

So back in November/December last year one of my best friend's grandad passed away from cancer which was a horrible thing to go through for both her family and mine (we all knew each other and was very close to him) after that i took some time off the Internet and all of you guys were so supportive i still can't thank you guys enough for that! 
Anyway during Friday evening (Australian time it was morning in the UK) i was at work and i happened to check my phone and my other best mate text me and said "You need to come home!" (on about to the UK) i thought nothing of it i just thought she missed me so i replied "Why? you missing me too much?" trying to make a joke out of it then suddenly she just replied going "my grandad has died" i was in shock! i didn't know him personally but it still affected me knowing my best friend was sat there crying and i was in a completely different time zone and i couldn't be there for a shoulder to cry on like i have done in the past. I couldn't even carry on with my shift i was on and off crying that whole time trying to put a 'happy' face on for customers but my mum (also my manager) saw straight through it and let me finish early so i could sit down and at least try to be there for my friend through text... That whole night i stayed awake to comfort her as best as i could over text.

(On to the good news) Over that night i text my dad (He is away on business at the moment) saying "I need to go home now" and instead of asking why or anything else he just said "Ok me and your mum will save up for the flight but you can only go for a month and be back for your sisters birthday" Now that took me by surprise! At the time i just thought he was saying that to shut me up and let me forget about going home but instead he's actually been looking into flights for me and making sure i have somewhere to stay and ensuring i save enough money to look after myself while I'm there.
I don't even care that I'm only aloud to go back for a month, i am over the moon i am aloud to go back at all and see all my friends and my family! I am still not over the shock of it all and i still can't get the smile of my face!

So with the bad news and good news out the way i would like to talk about what I'm planning on doing with this blog...

I'm still going to be doing posts that i love, i have a few posts jotted down in my notebook that i would love to do i just need to find perfect images, items and take photo's to go with those posts.
While I'm in the UK i am going to try my best to keep posting although it may be hard because no one knows i have this blog and I'm staying at my friends all the time... but i will find a way to post i promise you that!
I would like to get back on to a schedule to be posting but i find that too stressful, it starts to feel more like a chore for me to post which obviously i don't want so instead of me saying I'm going to post on certain days (which knowing me won't work anyway because things change day to day) i will instead do my best to post twice a week maybe more some weeks. 

So that's my little update! 
I'm so excited to be going back to Birmingham and staying with all my friends eeek! If you guys would like to see certain types of blog posts either email me ( ) or leave them in the comments and i will try my bet to look into them!

Thanks for reading.

Just Another Girl xxx



  1. So sorry that your friend's going through a horrible time - but sounds like you're doing all you can for her! Hope you have a lovely time in the UK - a month is still a pretty long time! xx

  2. so sad, and I'm so sorry you and your friend are going through a rough time x hope you're okay, and enjoy your trip to the UK as much as you can
    ~basicallychloe xx
    Don't forget to smile! :) ~ x ♡

    1. Thank you for your Support and i will enjoy my trip when it comes around! Thank you :) x

  3. Sorry to hear about the bad news, I hope you and your friend are alright. You're ideas for blogging sound good, sometimes having a schedule takes the fun out of it a bit x

    1. Thank you for your Support and thank you for understanding! x

  4. Sorry to hear of your friends loss, glad you could be there for them in anyway possible. Good for your travels to hear that also, anday you take care. Have a fantastic time!

  5. I'm so sorry that you had such a sad experience but I must say that you seem to be coping with it in the right way! Stay strong :) Thanks for this little update too and its so cool that you'll be in Birmingham too yay! xxx

    1. Thank you for your Support, Yes i will finally be in Birmingham after 1 year of being away! I'm so excited! x