Tuesday, 21 July 2015

New Addition's ♥

Hey There,

So i don't really know how to start this post other than i have some amazing news!!

I have became an Auntie!

So i might be wrong about this but i am sure a while ago i wrote a post and noted that i had just found out my older brother was expecting a baby which i am over the moon about! Now that little bundle of joy has finally arrived. 5 Days late (no surprise as it's really a tradition to be late or early in this family!) Now my little nephew is here (i wont be sharing any photos as my brother has privacy issues and would like to keep all photo's with in the family),

I'm so thankful that the little one arrived safely after my brothers girlfriend spent nearly 4 days in labour. I just can't wait now to save up and fly back to the UK and see the little one for myself and not just through photo's.

Another new addition to the family is my little Puppy! I've had her for a few weeks now and she's finally settling down. Her name is Fudge and she is a Kelpie (an australian breed working dog) cross with a Labrador.

These are photo's from when we first got her, she looks so small compared to now! but she is still my little ball of fluff!
She is just like having another baby around, She cries/barks, eats constantly, pees and poops everywhere but i would not change her for any other dog! She is perfect in everyway!

Anyway i just thought i would share with you guys the new addition's to my family! I love how my little family is growing slowly!

Thank's for reading this little update

Just Another Girl xxx


  1. Aw, congratulations, that's amazing news!! Have fun cuddling your new nephew (and puppy!) xx

  2. Congratulations! Fudge is absolutely adorable, can't wait to see more photos of her another time hopefully?! :) :)

    1. Thank you, yes i will be sure to post more pictures soon!

      Just Another Girl xxx

  3. This post includes too many cute things to handle. Like I needed a cuteness overload warning haha! I'm literally so happy for you right now, I hope your nephew and puppy are doing great! xxx


    1. Hah i probably should of put a cuteness warning in there somewhere!

      Thank you very much :)
      Just another Girl xxx

  4. Congrats, congratss she's so so so cutee haha,
    Peace xo