Tuesday, 4 August 2015

My Favourite books at the moment...♥

Hey There,

So i have been a bit absent lately (I'm putting it down to lack of sleep because of a certain puppy!) Other than that i have been reading a load of books which is unlike me as i can take up to 6 months just to read one book (So far four months in and i still haven't finished reading Looking For Alaska!)

Some of the books i have been reading aren't exactly what some people expect girls to read but i do anyway...

First of all since i loved the TV show i thought i would try the books and see if i could love the books as much as the TV series... So the book series is Pretty Little Liars.

I have been hooked on the TV Show since it came out and i never tried the books because i always thought they would be nothing compared to the show but jeez i was so wrong! The story isn't 100% the same as the show which is good because then you could just guess the ending also some of the characters have different back stories. When i first came to try this book i only downloaded a sample of it onto my kindle because i wasn't about to waste $10-20 on a book i might not of gotten into.
As soon as i finished the sample of the first book i did not hesitate to carry on buying them, at the moment i try and stick to one a month which gives me chance to completely understand what happened in the book before carrying on, also it saves my bank account so it's a win, win!

Another book i have been reading/literally just finished reading is a book by James Phelps, Australia's Most Murderous Prison - Behind the walls of Goulburn Jail...

Now i know what some of you might be thinking "why would you want to read such a book" but to me the true crime/murder books fascinate me and i love knowing what happen in prisons, Like how the criminals react to others and so on. I bought this book on my kindle because it was one of those books that had some amazing reviews and it also had older stories in it dating back to 1880 but it also had some more recent ones as well. The things that went on behind the walls of the prison really surprises me!
Before reading this book i didn't know that Goulburn prison is one of the only ones left that have racial segregation I bet you all are thinking that is against the law... but it isn't because otherwise all the inmates would kill each other and that's just one reason why it is named the most murderous prison in Australia

One more book series i have been reading is the Guardian Series by Heather Bowhay.

It is a three book series starting from Amethyst to Linked to Dentelle. At first i only downloaded the book because it was free and it sounded good but then i was hooked! it comes under the Fantasy genre which is why i am surprised i actually liked the book because I'm not one to like twilight and all the other wolf/vampire books/TV shows out there but for some reason this one was different the storyline captured me. I am reading the series for the second time which is rare for me as normally i would read a book once and never go back to it but for some reason this book is completely different!

 So that's Three books/series i have been reading lately, if you guys have any suggestions on any books that i should read then let me know! I'm always looking for more books to read (slowly)

Just Another Girl xxx


  1. hey there!! I have been following your blog for a while now and I am really enjoyed it :D I have shared this post !! :D keep up the great would

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  2. The pretty little liars series is on my list to read and I can't wait to. I haven't heard of the other books before. Love your blog x

    1. I am currently four books in (nearly at the fifth one) and i am in love with the series! I prefer to read the less popular books they are less built up that way! Thank you :) x