Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Review; Under The Dome Season 3 Premiere ♥

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So i know i have been away for a while and i was planning on posting a different post this week but it seems to be taking longer than expected to perfect (i want it just right because so many people have said they would love to see it!) so for now i thought i would do a review on Under The Dome season 3 premiere that aired in Australia on Monday.
So if you haven't watched under the dome before it's all about Chester's Mill being 'Under The Dome' it's based on a book that Stephen King wrote 'Under The Dome'.

So i finished watching the second series last year and because i watched it a long time ago i kind of forgot what happened so i had to re-watch the last episode. So the third season kicked of where the last season ended but then it all got confusing! (i won't say too much in case you haven't watched it yet) first they shown the characters a year into the future when they had all moved on but then it went back to the present... and i couldn't concentrate on what was actually going on because i was too busy trying to figure out what time they are in!. As it was a season premiere, it was a double episode and throughout the whole two hours i was sat there bored and confused! and then when it finally started to make sense it was over! I know i had to sit through it because them two hours would be a huge clue on what would be happening through out this season but now i have watched it for a second time i am loving it! it makes much more sense since i 'studied it' first then actually watched it the second time.

I know I'm probably not 'selling' the TV Show right now but i suggest if you do watch it, watch it while figuring out for the first time and then once you have properly figured it out re-watch it! Or i would suggest watching the whole two seasons and then watch season 3.

I hope you guys check out the TV show and at least give it a chance! it's a great show, all about love, lies and friendship! It's great to be back blogging and I'm looking forward to reading all your blog posts that i have missed!

Have a good Day/Night where ever in the world you are!

Just Another Girl xxx

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