Monday, 24 August 2015

Foundation Comparison...♥

Hey There,

So i am sorry about being so absent recently, i have spent the past few weeks organising a huge surprise for my mum's birthday this friday! I'm so excited for her as this is the first year i have actually spoilt her with my own money!

So for today's blog post i decided i would do a foundation comparison on Nars Weightless Luminous Foundation and MAC Prolongwear foundation.

I have spoke before about how i used to struggle to find a foundation to suit my skin tone or i would buy one and it would suit me some days and not the others so after getting a job and earning my own money i decided to buy NARS foundation and it has literally saved my life after that i decided to buy MAC foundation because why not see if others suit my skin? Anyways here is a comparison of the two...

NARS Foundation
MAC Foundation
Blends easily with no streak marks
Doesn’t blend very well and leaves streak marks
More like water which means it goes everywhere
Has more of a thicker consistency
Lasts all day without needing to be topped up
Tends to get patchy during the day
Makes pores less visible
Sinks into pores which makes them more visible
Sits nicely on my face

So all in all they both have some good points and bad points but overall i would only really re-purchase the NARS weightless Luminous foundation as it is just what i prefer and suits my skin much better than the MAC one.

I'm glad i went out and purchased highstreet brand of foundation as they are worth everything i pay for them, yes they have some bad points but don't all products?

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I might do one later in the week showing you guys what i have planned/what we do for my mums birthday this week maybe if you guys are interested?

Thanks for reading, speak to you soon
Just Another Girl xxx

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