Sunday, 30 August 2015

Birthday Day Out...♥

Hey There,

On Friday it was my Mum's Birthday and i had planned a great day for her... if only it had gone to plan!

A couple of weeks before i had spoke to our boss (we work together at the same restaurant) and asked if she could have the day off work but he said she couldn't have the Friday off because its the busiest day of the week so he said that she could of the Thursday off instead which is better than nothing. Right?

i managed to keep it a secret from her for a week and then she said she had to go in early on that Thursday for a meeting which annoyed me because my boss was the one that set up the meeting in the first place! In the end i had to tell her that she was meant to have the day off work so then we managed to work around that (later i found out that the dates got mixed up and the meeting isn't until next week!!)

On Thursday it started of great, we woke up early went for breakfast and got the train to the city to spend the day shopping and have a few cocktails until the rain hit and it didn't stop raining all day! we still didn't let that ruin our day. We went round all the shops first avoiding the rain, i think we looked in every single shop looking for a bag for my mum, in the end we gave up and went to get lunch.

We went back to Federation Square for lunch and the cocktails and that's when i decided to give her, her birthday present from me, i had spent me whole week's wages to buy her a Pandora bracelet and a few charms but it was worth being broke for the week to see the smile on her face!

On the day of her birthday we decided to go and get coffee from our local cafe then go and get our nails done (what a cute little pamper day!) after that we had to come home to get ready for work but she didn't know we all had something planned at work! We done the whole shift without letting her know we had anything planned then towards the end of the shift one of the girls who wasn't working walked through the door and ran straight to the kitchen without mum seeing her. Once we had completely finished she walked out with a huge strawberry cheesecake (My Mums favourite) and a Pandora charm from everyone! Needless to say my mum was shocked to know we had got her something!

I had planned all of this and actually kept it a secret from her (which is hard for me to do!) but i thought this is nothing compared to everything she has ever done for me! She is literally everything to me and i would be lost without her. But I'm glad she had an amazing day in the end!

 Thanks for reading...
Just Another Girl xxx


  1. That thing with the meeting must have been so annoying but I'm glad it all worked out in the end. I'm sure she appreciated all the surprises xxx

  2. Hey! Happy late birthday! :) Haha extremely late... I'm sorry. I'd be better off wishing you a merry Christmas. x

    By the way, you follow my blog, but since I changed my URL, my GFC followers aren't receiving my posts in their Dashboard anymore. So if you want to, visit the new blog and just refollow. Let me know if it works. :)