Sunday, 14 December 2014

Society ♥

Hey There,

Ive been ill the past few days and havent had chance to write anything christmassy but i promise there will be a new post thats full of christmas spirit in the next few days.
but for now heres a little something that i have been thinking about over the past few days, which is how messed up society is! so many girls are so self conscious of their bodies/face it actually scares me.

 Now i am one of those girls who constantly worries about what people think of me, but i can't actually help it if i see someone staring at me in my brain i'm trying to work out what they are thinking or if they are thinking horrible things about me sometimes when i look in the mirror at the clothes i threw on it makes me wonder what i would think if i saw someone else wearing it, then i would end up changing because i think bad things, like the other day i just threw on the first things i grabbed out of my wardrobe which was a pair of shorts and a long jersey. after putting them one i looked in the mirror and thought it looked nice but then all the horrible thoughts came and i ended up crying and ended up just wearing the same jeans and top iv'e wore for ages (they have been washed though, don't worry)

Now i don't know if it's society that has made me this way or it's just me being weird and over thinking things (i tend to do that alot). What do you guys think, is Society that messed up that girls can't wear certain clothes or can't leave the house without thinking what other people will see/think, or is it just me over thinking things? please let me know!

Thank you for reading but for now its a Good Night from me

Just Another Girl xxx


  1. Hi I read your post and its very true. No matter what you do you cant stop people from looking or saying stuff about you just be you thats all that matters.
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  2. Yes, our society is great at making people (girls especially) feel bad about themselves and what they wear. But that shouldn't matter! In the words of Tyler Oakley - YOU DO YOU. It doesn't matter what others think or say, be yourself because that, in the end, is what is going to make you the happiest. I loved this post and don't forget to love yourself JUST the way you are. xx

    1. I watch Tyler Oakley all the time and i did have him in my head when i was writing this! Thanks for your positive reply :) xx

  3. Beautiful blog! :)

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  4. Hey, this sort of thoughts can play on the mind sometimes. Not a great feeling. However, we can't know what people are thinking, so an ask if necxwsray sometimes (if you know them). But for this, if so, build up a confidence and boost of your own personality. Not everyone wants to be the same, and are not the same. A step out the less ordinary, is when we need to look and say, "we're going to do this". Sounds like a hollering cry but do this each time, step back and away from the mirror and I would say go for it. Plus, it sounded like such a great outfit. (Mix and match helps also). Tc.

    1. Thank you, i'll try and build up confidence like you said :) xx