Tuesday, 23 December 2014

It's Christmaaas!! ♥

Hey There,

So in a few days it's Christmas and i thought i would share some of my favourite things that happen around Christmas time, So here goes...

1. Everywhere is beautifully lit with Christmas decorations and it all just looks wonderful.

2. Seeing all the children's faces light up when they see Farther Christmas/Santa Claus.

3. Going to watch the Christmas lights being turned on in the local shopping Centre.

4. All the festive Candles that come in to the shops, My favourite is anything by 'Yankee Candles'. They always smell amazing!

4. Going shopping to buy everyone presents and then spending all night trying to wrap them neatly and make them all special in different ways.

5. Spending the whole of Christmas day with your loved ones on the sofa watching films and eating loads and loads of food. (In my house the favourite films to watch on Christmas day are Elf, Miracle on 34th Street and Jack Frost)

6. This happens every year for me (but it has never actually happened in my life time yet!) Always wishing it would snow on Christmas day! i would always be watching out the window hoping it would snow but so far in the past 18 years it hasn't!

7. Now I'm not sure if everyone does this or it's just my family but on Christmas eve my mom (or Farther Christmas) would come in to our rooms and put a present at the end of our beds for as soon as we wake up on Christmas day!

8. For me the best part of Christmas day is having my dad wake us all up really early and then we would all run down stairs to see if "Farther Christmas" has been, then my whole family would sit around the tree while my dad passes out a present to each of us, although sometimes he would be more excited than us as he doesn't know what we get most years!

9. The thought of Christmas just makes me want to scream! (with joy of course) knowing that it's that time of year that the whole family comes together, no matter what has happened that year the whole family for one day are just happy and i love to make the most of it.

10. Now this one doesn't happen on Christmas day but instead boxing day when you always have left over food from Christmas dinner and you end up having a sandwich full of all the left overs.

11. Also on boxing day there is nothing better than going through all the shops looking at what is in the sale, or if you are like me you'll look online first to see if it's worth all the hustle and bustle in the shops.

12.All the Christmas films/episodes that come on T.V. the best one i have seen so far this year would be the Pretty Little Liars Christmas Special 'How the A Stole Christmas'.

So there is a few things i love about the few days leading up to Christmas.
Hope you all have a good Christmas and enjoy having your family around.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Thank You for reading,
For now it's a Good Night from me

Just Another Girl xxx


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