Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas ♥

Hey There,

So it's nearly Christmas and this year i am so un-organised it's unreal i have only brought one present so far and i still have loads more to buy! so while i was doing some online shopping i thought i would share with you some (what i think) perfect Christmas present ideas, there will be a range of different presents from Men to Women and some for kids! I will add links to where i have found the items as well so you guys can check them out. Here Goes...

Personalized Name Sign. I Thought this would be a cute gift for a child something they could keep and cherish forever. Also i think that personalized gifts are the best (there will be quite a few here)!. This could also be a perfect gift for your best friend or family member.  Check it out here

I Have a few little cousins in my family and i thought this would be a cute idea for them as they could all have their own personalized nursery rhyme book for night time. Check it out here

If your'e buying for your best friend what's a better way to show her how much you know her by buying her a phone case which you can personalize with all her favorite things on!? I think i might order one for my friends! Check it out here

I Think this could be a present for any gender, it's just a cute simple quote you could put anywhere to remind yourself that there's no point waiting for anything to change you just have to live with it and move on. Check it out here

I would by this for anyone i love or cherish, that might be my mum my best friend my auntie anyone! it's just a cute simple rose gold band with a simple message "i love you to the moon and back". i love that quote as it's something me and my mom always say to each other! Check it out here

 As this one is personalized it could be for him or her, i thought it was a cute idea to remind people how they like their tea or coffee! never mind buying this for someone else i need one as everyone forgets how i like my tea! Check it out here

This is one of the best ones i have seen for a man! every man needs a man cave don't they? so why not get a man in your life a sign just to make sure everyone knows that it is his man cave!
Check it out here

Personalized Golf set, most men like to play Golf, i know my dad does! now i don't really know what else to say about this as i don't know what any of it is! oops. but anyway i thought it would be a perfect special gift for anyone that enjoys playing golf close to you. Check it out here

Now a man could never have too many cuff links. If your dad, partner, uncle or who ever else you might buy for always wears a shirt that needs cuff links why not buy some that make them special with their initials on, or it doesn't have to be their initials it could be anything else. The box that they come in can also have a special message engraved into it. Check it out here

So there are 9 different presents you could buy for a range of people, i know most of them were personalized but i think that getting something personalized makes it that tiny bit more special and precious,

Hope you guys enjoyed it, Thank you for reading but now it's a goodnight from me

Just Another Girl xxx


  1. So cute and you seem pretty organized if you ask me. You came up with these lovely gift ideas.