Saturday, 6 December 2014

Favorite Winter Clothes ♥

Hey There,

Although it's not winter here in Australia i still can't help looking online at warm jumpers and coats to wear when it's winter, so i thought i would share a few items which i have found online that i would love to wear if it was cold enough!!

So first of all is this parka i came across, now during the cold months you can not go wrong with a parka. They are so comfy and warm and also go with many different styles of clothes! I think a parka coat is a must have in the wardrobe all year round!

So next is a simple black dress with a white collar, i know this is meant to be winter clothes but who says you can't wear dresses in winter? just slip on a pair of tights underneath and your good to go! especially if you have any parties coming up during the winter months a simple black dress and a pair of tights would do you well for any occasion!

Now this coat is a bit different to the previous parka but it still looks nice and snug and would still keep you warm, yet it still looks good to wear with everything as you could dress it down with a pair of jeans or dress it up by wearing it over a dress with tights and a pair of heels! It looks so classic but yet so simple, i think i might have to buy one just to have in my wardrobe ready for when it gets cold here!

Just looking at this jumper makes me feel all warm! A Simple Cricket style jumper is what i need in my life! i love how smart it looks even though its just a simple knitted jumper!

A Sweater dress... what more would you want? Now i love this as you could wear it as a dress with a pair of thick woolly tights and a pair of chunky boots or you could wear it with a pair of jeans and have it as an over sized jumper (which let's admit most girls love!)

It would not be right if i done this and not put a Christmas jumper in! It would just not be right! Any Christmas jumper i love! Especially when i buy them two sizes too big for me just so they are extra cosy to wear when it's freezing cold outside! also it just shows everyone around that you are getting into the Christmas spirit as well!

All things i have posted on here today can be found on Asos.

Hope you all liked this post, More posts will be coming shortly, Thank you all for reading hope you have had a nice day where ever in the world you are.
But for now it's a Good Night from me

Just Another Girl xxx

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