Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Clothing Haul ♥

Hey There,

Well I'm back! thank you so much for all your nice comments while I've been away but after a week I'm back in the right head space and been there for my friend!!

Anyway while i was away i went shopping and i thought i would share with you some of the items i brought...

First of all i went to a DFO (Direct Factory Outlet) and went looking around there. At first i couldn't find anything i liked until i noticed that Tommy Hilfiger had a massive sale on and i couldn't turn down 50% off! At first we just went in looking for my dad as he needed to shirts but then i noticed a few items in the women's section and here is what i managed to find. I will also leave the sale price and the original price just so you can actually tell how much of a good deal it was!

First up i picked up a pair of mint green shorts but unfortunately they didn't have my size so instead i grabbed the next two colours i liked instead

Now i know what you are thinking Yellow? Really, i thought the same when my mum brought them to the changing room but i decided to try them on and i actually really liked them on! they made me look more tanned (which is good because I'm never tanned!) The Yellow and Red/Pink colour are plain on the front with two pockets on the side and then on the back they just have two brown buttons a fake pocket (i don't get why they do that) and a small Tommy Hilfiger logo.
** Original Price $89.95 Sale Price 49.00**

Blue and white striped round neck short sleeved top, this one i loved straight away but then they didn't have my size once again so instead i tried the bigger size and because it's a slim fit top it still fitted perfectly. I love this top on because it's really long so it'll look good with leggings or maybe tucked into jeans or shorts?
** Original Price $39.95  Sale Price $29.00**

 Since i ruined my Ralph Lauren white polo i thought i deserved another one, this is just a normal white polo shirt with the small Tommy Hilfiger logo on the left hand side.Now once again they didn't have my size this time i had to have the XL instead of a M but even if it is too big for me i don't mind as i would tuck it into a pair of black trousers or shorts depending on what i was doing or where i was going.
** Original Price 79.95   Sale Price $40.00**

Lastly i picked up a pair of dark blue boot cut jeans. This style of jeans are my favourite as they are always tight on my thighs and then go loose around my Calves!
These are just a plain pair of jeans with a little detailing on the back pockets and a tiny Tommy Hilfiger logo at the top of the pocket on the right hand side.
** Original Price $139.90    Sale Price $25.00**

Since we didn't really go shopping for me that's all i managed to pick up but when we managed to get to the till the lady said it's an extra 50% off when you buy five items and luckily enough i had five items so in the end they took an extra 50% off the sale price! Now if that's not a bargain i don't know what is!!

Just Another Girl xxx



  1. I love love love the yellow shorts you bought - you've saved so much money! I've decided to nominate you for the Liebster Award. Just click the link to my post to find out the details, can't wait to read your answers.
    The Other Dream Girl x
    The Liebster Award

    1. Thankyou, I have already been nominated and was going to nominate you! but I'll answer your Questions too!


  2. The yellow shorts are amazing! And I love the colour of the stripy top <3