Thursday, 12 February 2015

T.V. Shows ♥

Hey There,

I thought since i love reading other people's opinion's on T.V. Shows i thought i would share with you some of the T.V. Shows i love and if any of you guys have any T.V. shows that you think i would like leave them in the comments and i would love to check them out!

Now I'm the type of girl that loves to watch series and series so once i get hooked on that T.V show i will watch it for hours on end. Anyway here are a few shows i love to watch.

Criminal Minds.

If you have never seen this i recommend sitting down and watching all 10 Seasons. The relationship between each character is amazing, the way they all care so much about each other and the fact they don't see each other as just colleagues but as another family. This show is so much better than CSI or most other crime shows because they actually profile the unsub and i should probably stop before i
give away too much in case any of you guys haven't watched it yet...

Gossip Girl

When i first heard of this show i was like oh yeah just another show about stuck up teens just like 90210 (another amazing show) but the story that goes along with this show shocked me as it was not was i was expecting. The ending was a bit of a let down i will admit, i would of liked another whole episode after they found out who Gossip Girl was just to see how they all reacted to it properly not them just sitting in a room talking about it for 5 minutes,,, but other than that i loved the show and sat in my room for a week to watch all of the seasons.


Another Crime show but this one is different compared to Criminal Minds, although they all care about each other but in different ways. In this show they all basically make fun of each other (in a funny//playful kinda way). As the show progresses you start to learn more and more about the characters back story instead of it all being forced upon you in the first season. For me this is the best NCIS out of all three of them (there's NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles and NCIS New Orleans)

The Fosters  

Now i only found out about this show a few days ago and i have already caught up with all the episodes that has already aired. This is one of the only shows i have seen (correct me if I'm wrong) that shows foster kids (other than Tracy Beaker & other shows on CBBC). The complicated situations that Callie and all the other kids get into is kind of intriguing and makes me tune in every week to see what else could possibly happen to such a nice family. 

Pretty Little Liars 

I'm pretty sure that everyone has heard of Pretty Little Liars and A, but if you haven't then this show is basically about 4/5 Girls in high school being stalked and set up by -A but no one knows who A is. If you haven't watched this show and you decide to give it a go don't judge it until you have got through the first few episodes because you have to have time to get your head into the scenario of the show. I love this show although most of the A scenes scare me...

Hart Of Dixie

I Came across this show because i had nothing else to watch and was kind of bored so i started looking through the Internet for some good shows to watch and came across a trailer for this show and i instantly loved the story line. A Big city doctor going to work in a tiny town as a GP for a year... the story lines that appear through out the show are amazing and so thought full, and with all the horrible crime shows i watch it is good to have one or two happy ones. 

Once Upon A Time

Who can resist a good fairy tale? i know i can't! This show has all the Fairy tale characters you can think of! even Anna and Else from Frozen. It's all about the chosen one and how she can help all these different Fairy Tale characters. who doesn't want to live in a story book? From the first episode i was hooked and after two days i had watched every single episode that had been aired. (i don't have a life do i?) but i loved it and you guys should try it if you love Fairy Tales!

There is so many more Shows that i watch religiously and maybe if you guys like this post i will share more. I love to watch T.V! shutting my self into my bedroom with my laptop just constantly watching something, i love imagining what i would do if i was in the different scenarios (is that weird?)

Hope you guys liked it - 
Just Another Girl xxx

By the way i have some exciting news!
on the 24th of February i am going to see McBusted for the Second time within a year! I'm sure when the concert is over i will share with you some of the photo's i have taken!

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