Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Films ♥

Hey There,

Last night i was going to do a blog post but instead my Internet decided to get shut off due to an outage in the area (i wanted to cry!!) but normally i would watch TV on my laptop but because of having no Internet i couldn't so instead i had to watch films that I've got on DVD and now i thought i would share with you some of my favourite films i have on DVD. Here goes...

7. Bridesmaids - I didn't get to watch this movie when it first came out in the cinemas but as soon as it came out on DVD my mum went out and brought it me as the perfect chick flick night in movie and I've got to admit it really is! it's so funny and really perfect for a girl night in front of the sofa with a tub of ice cream and your best friends!

6. My Sisters Keeper - No matter how many times i watch it i still cry like a baby! it's just an all round good film! there's no part of this film i can say i don't like. All the characters are portrayed perfectly and they all deserve all the credit they get!

5. Dirty Dancing - Who doesn't love this classic? This film always makes me want to sing along and get up and dance.The story line is so cute and romantic! what girl doesn't want to be swept of her feet and loved? i know i do!

4. Pretty Woman - Another Chick Flick Classic! Another fairy tale that every girl wants (maybe apart from the prostitution part maybe?)  but being swept of her feet by a handsome rich guy who doesn't want that?? just to finally feel loved is what most girls want!

3. Step Up - I love all of the step up films and i did have all of them but i think they got lost in the move, Never mind! Now I'm not going to lie I'm a sucker for any film with Channing Tatum in but that's not the only reason i love this film. I love it because of all the dancing, i am obsessed with street dance and most other types of dancing really!

2. 50 First Dates - Adam Sandler is literally a comedy genius! all of his films are amazing but i love this film because of the story line. The fact Sandler's character (Henry) loves Drew Barrymore's Character (Lucy) that much he gets her to fall in love with him everyday but hey I'm not going to say to much in case you guys haven't seen it.

1. The Parent Trap - The early days of Lindsey Lohan (her better years if you ask me) I have loved this film since i was 5/6 years old. I had it on video and i watched it that much the tape broke and i literally cried for days but a year or two ago i managed to find it on DVD on Amazon and i couldn't resist buying it. Even if you hate Lindsey Lohan now i recommend watching this film, it might just change your mind! The films graphics are amazing considering it was made in 1998 (it's even better than some of the graphics from some TV shows that was around back then as well!)

So there are all of my favourite films that i have on DVD with me at the moment, if you guys like it i could do some bigger film reviews of new and old maybe? and if you guys have any recommendations for movies let me know, i love finding new movies!

Just Another Girl xxx


  1. Great post, I'm going to have to watch some of these now. I would recommend the "Cornetto trilogy". There are three films that all have Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in, at certain points in each film a cornetto is seen or eaten, it sounds silly but its known as the corntetto trilogy because its a connection through all the films. I love them all, the films are Shaun of the dead, Hot fuzz and The worlds end. These are all comedy horror films but I love them, I think they are all typically British but really funny. xx

    1. Thanks, i will try and find these films and check them out! xx

  2. I'm not really a bit film person but I found this post so interesting! I love your little summaries of each of the films- might actually check some of them out <3

    1. you should try them all out, they are some of the best chick flicks i've come across. Thank you xx

  3. Awesome, thx for the recommended films, going to watch them definitely!
    Bebeabout xx

  4. I honestly think that my tops would be Dirty Dancing and 50 First Dates. Me and my Mom are always watching them on a girly night xoxoxox

    can you please check out my blog, thanks xoxox