Friday, 6 February 2015

My Daily Products ♥

Hey There,

While I'm sat here doing my daily skin care i thought i would share with you my daily products, some items i use twice a day others i might use once or not at all, it really depends on how lazy i feel that day.

(these aren't in any particular order.) 
Simple Facial Toner - I normally use this with the moisturiser afterwards. With this i normally use it at least once a day maybe twice. I pour a generous amount on to a cotton pad then do small circles all over my face making sure i get into all the creases in my face. This leaves my skin feeling refreshed and i love it.

 Lancome - It says it's for face and eyes but i normally just apply it around my eye's once a day after a long day, it it a white watery/creamy liquid which is so nice and cold on my eyes after long days. If i feel like my eyes don't need to be cooled down i don't tend to use it.

 Lancome - I Normally use this every morning after having a shower just as a quick hydrating toner, Normally i do only use this once a day unless i have been out in the heat and my face feels tight and horrible then i would just quickly put a bit on my face for an instant hydration.

 Clean and Clear Oil Free Moisturiser - I use this after the Simple Facial Toner. I mainly use this to stop blackheads (disgusting right?) but i use this as often as the Facial Toner (Once or Twice a day).

 Lancome - I only really use this if i wore make up that day, it removes all type of make-up and it is one of the only one i have found that doesn't dry out my skin. It's great for sensitive skin/eyes. 

 Clean and Clear Oil control toner - I use this Once every day. I suffer with a really Oily Nose/forehead and I've found this helps me alot to tone it down a lot, that much it's barely noticeable once make up is applied.

Clean and Clear Self Foaming Facial Wash - Once vigorously shaking this it comes out as a foam not a liquid (Magic?) This helps remove any excess oil from my make up, so i really only use it on days when i wear make up. Even though it's only meant to remove excess oil it also helps keep my skin nice and soft. 

If i use all of these products in one day it leaves my face feeling lovely and refreshed but also it leaves it feeling soft like a baby's bum (is that the phrase? i don't know)

** Most of these items can be found in your local drug store**

So there are all the products i use almost daily, i hope you enjoyed it and if you guys have any suggestions for any products i would love to hear them and try them out!

Thank You

Just Another Girl xxx


  1. Great post !!!

    I love your blog

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  2. The simple toner is amazing (which reminds me I have to get more haha). Great post! xxx

  3. I absolutely adore the simple toner as well! Brill post lovely! I also followed your google + :)xxx