Sunday, 8 February 2015

Street Art ♥

Hey There,

While i was wondering around the city the other day i came across some lovely lane ways, some were filled with little unique shops, some filled with wonderful cafe's and others filled with some amazing Street Art.
Now some people think that Street Art is Graffiti but it isn't most the time Street Art sends a message to the people that look at it where as Graffiti is just done by 'Chav's' who think they are cool by tagging their name everywhere.

Here is some of the Street Art i saw.

Sometimes you have to look past the horrible graffiti to see what the actuall picture is, but never less all the art work was beautiful. There was loads of amazing street art while walking around the city. My favourite ones were the Monsters Inc. (Sully and Mike). All the lane ways were so beautiful and i can't wait to go back and hopefully find some more of these unique laneways.

Just Another Girl xxx


  1. I love this post so much! The photos are great :)

    Carolyn x

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