Friday, 23 January 2015

I Can't Believe I Am writing this... ♥

Hey There,

I actually can't believe I am writing this.
I know i posted yesterday but I think I'm going to need time off the Internet for a few days.

Tonight (Australia Time and morning in the UK (23/01/05)) my best friend text me saying there was a horrible night for her grandad, he had been in and out of ICU because he has lung cancer, but last night it was worse they had to call an ambulance because he took a turn for the worst, then this evening she text me around 6pm (7am UK time) saying things aren't looking good and she had to get to the hospital because they don't think he has long left. They had only found out about the cancer start of December (i done a post about it then) and then they found out it was in-curable and it was just a case of keeping him alive and comfy as long as they can.

Anyway after a while my mum was texting her (she's like another daughter to my mum) and my mum was passing on help for her as my mum is a nurse and specializes in respiratory problems. Now I'm rubbish when it comes to shocking news, i just never know the right thing to say so this is where I'm thankful my mum is there for me.

At 10:20pm (11:20am UK time) she just text me saying 'He's Gone' Straight away i knew what she meant and straight away i started crying and i still haven't stopped crying since! I've been curled up to my mum not knowing what to say to my best friend. I lost my Grandad when i was 6 years old but that was due to bad surgery. I've never known anyone to have cancer let alone die from it. All i want to do at the moment is go back home and be there for her as I'm the only friend she has (other than her boyfriend) i know there is not much i could do there but it's still the thought of being there if she needed a shoulder to cry on or someone to distract her! I Actually still can't believe i am writing this, I'm still crying and shaking like you wouldn't believe!

I think for now i need a few days away from the Internet because not only has my best friend lost her grandad that she adores but it's also bringing up alot of issues that i have never dealt with.

I Hope you all understand and i will be back posting more happy things when I'm ready... or i might just post a few back up post i have already typed up. i haven't really decided yet as this is literally a last minute thing.

Please no matter what aways tell a loved one how much you love them! you never know when days are going to be limited!

Just Another Girl xxx


  1. I'm sorry about what happened. I hope you and your friend are okay soon xx

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope you and your friend and her family will be ok. Take as much time off as you need, we all understand. xxx

    1. Thank you! Iv'e decided to schedule a few posts that have been typed up for a while! hopefully i'll be back after a week! xxx

  3. I'm so sorry that this has happened to both you and your friend. I always struggle with knowing what to say to my friends when they are upset but I also know that the fact that you are just there for them means the world. Kindest regards! xxx

  4. Sorry to hear that. It will take time, but you're a good friend for your friend. Take care.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear what's happened. Take all the time you need. You're being a really great friend and we all understand <3

  6. I am sorry for you and your friend's loss. You are such a loyal and amazing friend. Take all the time you need, take care <3

  7. Hey Just another girl,
    Hope your doing alright about your loss and holding on. And I just want to tell you that I know that people here don't mind you posting things that trouble you. I actually encourage you because it could clear your mind, ease you. We are all here for you about your loss and anything else you want to share.
    Love your posts,
    Bebeabout xxx