Sunday, 11 January 2015

8 Places i would love to visit ♥

Hey there,

I'm sat here scrolling through my tumblr and people are posting the top places they would love to visit so i thought i would write a little blog post about the places i would love to visit...

First up is New York! the Big Apple!

New York is my favourite place in the world! i have not been there yet but i have seen so many different pictures/videos online from New York and it amazes me even more every day. i recently watched a video on youtube by Ingrid Nilsen '50 Things I Love About NYC' and it made me want to go so much more, seeing the little quirky coffee shops, the streets filled with graffiti, it's simply amazing and beautiful.


I Visited Paris back when i was 13, it was my first time abroad and i got so ill so i didn't get to enjoy it and take it in. So i would love to go back and visit and actually go out sight seeing instead of being stuck in a hotel room.


I haven't heard much about Venice as no one i know has been yet, but it just looks simply amazing and beautiful! 

Los Angeles

Now who doesn't want to go to LA? 
The beaches the shops the weather! it is all beautiful. it's definitely on my bucket list!


Just looking at the picture the beaches and the sea looks amazing, but other than the beaches i would love to go because i love Volcanoes and Hawaii is the place to go to see them, My Uncle went a few years back and he sent me some amazing footage of a live Volcano which you could climb up and view. simply amazing!

Thai Land

To be honest the main reason i want to go to Thai Land is to ride an Elephant and yes i know i can do that almost any where if i look hard enough but there is no other better place to ride one than going to their natural living place. Also Thai Land is so peace full due to their religion 'Buddhism' and i would love to learn more about that religion as it's not one I've grew up learning about.


The old buildings, the history behind them what other reason do you need to go there?

Bondi Beach(Sydney)

Although i went to Sydney in August i didn't have chance to go to Bondi Beach as it was such rubbish weather, and i know that it's "Just a Beach" but it's supposed to be one of the best beaches in Australia, so i would love to go and see if it actually is.

If any of you have been to these places please let me know what they are like!

Thank you

Just Another Girl xxx

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