Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year ♥

Hey There,

So a new year is upon us and i am just sat here thinking about all the things that happened during 2014 and i thought i would share a few things that happened in 2014 and some of my goals for 2015.

So this past year has been a mixture of emotions, at the start of the year i was happy studying what i loved and i was happy, then i mad the life changing decision to move to Australia (which I'm sure most of you know that story by now). Then in May i went to see my favourite childhood band and i also turned 18 and got abit out of control although i was really happy at that point, i met some new people during that time and i still speak to some of them now even though my 'out of control' days are over! During 2014 i realised who my true friends are and how much they actually mean to me! one of them is more like a sister to me as she gets along with my whole family. There are so many more happy moments that happened in 2014 but with the happy also comes the sad times, first of all was the lead up to moving and having to say Goodbye to all my friends and family, also during the big move to Australia an amazing woman that was like a Grandma to me died unfortunately but she wouldn't want any of her family sad so we all try and be happy and remember the good times we had with her. Also my best friend's Nan sadly passed away and on top of that she not long ago found out her Granddad has lung cancer which is sadly incurable. Also with all of this comes all the heartbreak throughout the year, but I've decided to leave the past in the past although some of it may continue on to 2015 i will not let it get the better of me like it has done before.

Now for 2015, after watching a video on You Tube by Connor Franta he made me realise that there is no point setting a new years resolution as they will end up being broken anyway, but instead to make myself little goals that i can complete through out the year!
My Goals for 2015 are:
- To find a job so i can start saving to move back to the UK and for a little holiday for me and my best friend
- I would love to get back into college, even if that's here in Australia or back in the UK. i feel like it's something i need to do
- To start being more productive!!
- To be more Positive, No more worrying about the Negatives

So there are my Goals for 2015, hope you guys have a wonderful New Years where ever you spend it.

Happy New Years

for now it's a Good Night from me

Just Another Girl xxx


  1. I hope you're able to find a job so you can come back to the UK soon :)
    Hope you have a great new year! <3

    Carolyn x