Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The British Tag ♥

Hey there,

Since I saw this tag over on Megan's blog 'Meguana' I have wanted to do it and with everything going on this is the best time to post it! (It's been typed up since i saw it over on her blog)
Here Goes...

- How many cups of tea do you drink a day and how many sugars?
    It depends on how I'm feeling that day, if i feel in a down mood i tend to drink tea one after the other as it comforts me. Other days i could drink one cup a day if that. no matter what though i always have it with one sugar!

- Favourite part of your roast?
   well it depends what meat i have with it, because i love apple sauce and mint sauce but i also love my mums roast potatoes and roasted vegetables. basically i love almost everything on a roast dinner and i would eat one every day!

- Favourite dunking biscuits?
   Hands down custard Creams! they are the best biscuits you will ever have or the milk biscuits ( i think that's what they are called)

- Favourite quintessentially British past time?
   After researching what the word quintessentially means (and now i know thanks to google!) I would say the sea side is my favourite British past time, a trip to the sea side when it's freezing cold getting our heads blown off because of how windy it is, then walking to the chip shop and having the classic fish and chips is one of the best things to do!

- Favourite word?
  I'm not sure if it's exactly British but the word 'Faff'' it just sounds weird don't you think?

- Cockney Rhyming Slang?
  We don't really use Cockney rhyming slang in my house but one that i love to say is 'Cream Crackered'

- Favourite Sweets?
  Rhubarb and Custards! straight up. if you are British and never tried them then you really need to go down to your local shop and buy some! when i was in school i used to go to our local post office and buy loads of the rhubarbs and custards and end up eating them all by the time i got home.

- What would your pub be could?
  I actually would never know what to call a pub. i struggle to think of names for characters in my book!

- #1 British Person?
   Now it's hard to choose just one person to be my favourite, to name a few i would say Emma Watson, Russell Howard and James Cordon! they are all amazing and there are so many more British people i love!

- Favourite Shop/Restaurant?
   I don't know if it's only British or is known in America too but i love Frankie's & Bennies! the garlic bread is the best one I've ever had!

- What British song pops into your head?
   AAHHH! so many are coming to mind right now! now some people might not agree with what I'm going to say but 'Wonderwall' by Oasis comes to mind or Arctic Monkeys 'Do i wonna know'

- Marmite?
   YES! but no, i love Marmite but i hate it when there's too much on my toast!

So there is my British Tag, if anyone wants to do it then i tag you!

I would just like to say thank you to everyone that commented thoughtful comments on my previous post. It means so much to me and my best friend!
Enjoy your day, night, evening where ever in the world you are.

Just Another Girl xxx


  1. Ahah this was hilarious to read! I wish I could do the British Tag but I'm not British so ahah! ^^ My favourite biscuits are without hesitation Jaffacakes. I dunk them in tea, hot chocolate, nothing and everything. I really dislike Marmite, though.

    x Cloudy Dreams

    1. I Love Jaffa Cakes too! but i don't class them as biscuits! i don't really know what i'd call them! & who cares if your'e not british! just give it a go but make sure it's all british things for the answers!! xxx

    2. In what world are Jaffa Cakes not biscuits? Although I kind of understand what you mean ahah... I hope to be tagged soon so I can do it, then! x

      By the way, thank you so so much for your visit to my blog. That really means a lot to me!

    3. To me biscuits are hard and crunchy i don't really class them as that, but then i don't really class them as cakes either! they are in a world of their own! haha!
      If you want to do it then i Tag you :)

      And no problem i really liked your blog!! x

  2. We share the same favourite biscuit - so happy I'm British so I can do this tag now! Fantastic read, love your blog. :)
    The Other Dream Girl xx

    1. Custard Creams? They are the best!! and yes you should do it! it was so fun to do this
      Thank you xxx