Friday, 16 January 2015

My Favourite songs of this month ♥

Hey there,

So I'm sitting here just listening to music and i thought i would share with you my favourite songs of this month so far, now they may not be songs that have been released this month but i tend to change my music play list every month so i thought i would let you know what is in this month's play list...

First of all in my play list is the whole Ed Sheeran X album as i got it for Christmas and i absolutely love the whole album! there is not one song on there that i dont like.
My favourite song on there would be 'The Man'.

Next up is Hoodie Allen, now i know he might not be every ones taste of music and to be honest i didn't think he would be my taste until i heard his song with Ed Sheeran (All About it) and since listening to that song i fell in love with his whole album People Keep Talking.
Although i love All About It his other song 'Act My Age' is also amazing! you should all check him out as he is really under rated!

If most of you watch you tube you may know Troye Sivan if you don't go check out his videos here.
but he released an EP called TRXYE last year and it has been in my play list ever since. every song on it is amazing but my favourite one is 'The Fault In Our Stars'.

if you live in the UK you might of heard of the 'SuperGroup' called McBusted (I don't know if they have gone world wide, i know they haven't in Australia anyway!) now i went to go and see them for my 18th birthday when i was still in the UK and it has got to be one of the best concerts i have ever been too! In my play list i have 'Get Over It' and 'What Happened To Your Band'.

The Last and final album i have in my play list is Olly Murs Never Been Better album,
all of his songs are amazing i have every album he has ever released, he just seems to be getting better and better through out the albums! The song he done with Demi Lovato 'UP' is my favourite from the whole album.

So there are the albums that are in my play list this month, if you guys like it i might do one every month maybe?

hope everyone has a good day, night, evening where ever in the world you are!

Just Another Girl xxx



  1. I followed you now

  2. Hi, the layout of your blog is beautiful xoxo

    1. Thank you, i'm slowly getting it to how i want xxx

  3. The Man is one of my favourite songs on X too! Isn't it beautiful?!
    Get Over It is also awesome <3

    1. It is one of his best songs!, i was just checking out your music tag aswell, might give that a go!

      Just Another Girl xxx