Tuesday, 24 March 2015

10 Years Time ♥

Hey There,

So lately I've been so busy with work and looking after my sister I'm finding it hard to have time to myself, by the time i finish work it's 11-12pm and I'm way to tired to sit up and write a blog post and on days I'm not working i have my sister to look after and because she doesn't know about my blog (none of my family do) it's hard to write any posts with her around. Now I'm trying to get myself into a routine for writing and me time so i will be alot more active!

Anyway tonight i had a few hours to myself so i caught up with a bunch of you tube videos while trying to think about things to write and one video stuck out for me (if you guys watch you tube you could probably guess who/what video it is by now) This video isn't like all the other video's on you tube that i watch (i.e. beauty/make-up and fashion) this video made me think about life as i see it.

The Video I'm talking about is by Alfie Deyes/Pointless Blog.

In the video he talked about how he thought his life would be in 10 years time but because he is already in a long term relationship and a job he loves he didn't really have much to say. But me i am certainly not where i want to be in 10 years...

There is a few things i would like to happen between now and 10 years time. The main thing i would like to be doing in 10 years time is finally finishing up my education with Uni (i have yet to start) and finding a job i love doing (hopefully forensic Science or Home design).

Another thing i would like to happen is to find someone i love and be in a long term relationship with them and think about settling down and starting a family.

Other than hoping that my family and friends are well there is not much more i hope to have in 10 years time although it is quite scary to think that i will be nearly 30 years old then... WOW...

Where do you guys see yourself in 10 years time? i would love to know!

Just Another Girl xxx

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  1. I loved Alfie's video, and I think it really affected a lot of his viewers, I really like this post, shows that to be a good blogger you don't always have to do hauls and tutorials <3