Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Haul ♥

Hey There,

This post was meant to go up last night but then i got called into work last minute and didn't have chance to post it! but here it is now!!

So I went into the city the other day and after hours and hours of shopping and a lot of damage done to my bank account i thought i picked up a few nice things.

I went into the shops not knowing what i wanted, i just knew that i needed some new clothes and other bits and bobs, after wondering around the shopping centre i didn't find anything i liked other than some cute puppies in the shop window!(i wish i could afford to buy them all!!)

Anyways so after spending at least an hour playing with the puppies i went over to H&M which is the biggest one I've seen! it's got 3 floors two of them floors are all women clothes (it's literally like being in heaven!!)

 The first thing i picked up was these pair of Jeggings (jeans/leggings). They are the softest pair of trousers i have ever owned! i basically live in Jeggings because they are the comfiest most flattering pair of trousers i have ever worn, normally i wear lighter pairs from primark but since there is no primark here it looks like these ones will have to do! 
 Secondly i picked up this short sleeved black and white striped top, it's kind of see through and i brought it a size bigger just so it would be baggy and i could tuck it into Jeggings or trousers. 
What girl doesn't need a large baddy denim shirt? i know i always have one in my wardrobe!!
Then i went into a make up shop, because let's face it a girl can never have too much make-up right?

 I have the most awkward skin, one day my face will suit one type of foundation and the next it will make me look like an orange, so i thought i would try a more expensive foundation and since i heard a lot of amazing things about Nars i thought this would be the best one to try out first. I went with the Nars All day Luminous weightless foundation in the colour Mont Blanc and so far it is the most amazing foundation i have ever had! it feels so nice on! i might do a full review on this if you guys like?

Next i picked up my normal powder, the Maybeline Fit Me powder in 120 is the best powder i have ever used along with the Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder!

On the way back to the train station i came across a little shop that was unique (although it is a chain shop) so i went in there and came across these two posters,
 and as i love New York and travelling i thought i would pick them up to go on my wall as they basically explain me in two posters!

So thats all i brought from the city hope you guys enjoyed it and have a lovely week! 

Just Another Girl xxx


  1. Hey, awesome post. I have nominated you for the Versatile Awards. Go onto my blog and it should be there. Please check it out and do it. Can't wait to see your answers
    Bebeabout xx

  2. I love the just go poster!
    Peace xo

  3. love this post!!!
    If you love shopping as much as I do check out the site
    Its only on-line shopping that me and my mom ever do.
    Also can you please check out my blog and see what you think
    Thanks xoxox

  4. Love the clothes and make up you bought xx