Saturday, 7 March 2015


Hey There,

This is quite a weird post for me to write but i thought i had to write it anyway! Now don't get me wrong i have had my share of boyfriends through high school... but my sister came home from school talking about her boyfriend... what am i meant to say?

She only started year 7 in January and now shes talking about boyfriends and sex... shes 12 years old!!

When i was in high school sex didn't cross my mind when i was in years 7-9 and even after that i didn't have sex until i left high school. What's the point in complicating high school even more!

I don't mind my 12 year old sister having a boyfriend but it's the fact shes already talking about doing stuff with him! she's in year 7!! (that's all i can think about!!) I was talking to her and her friend and she was talking about how he came to choir because he 'loves' her... does she even know what love is? now i know everyone says they love their boyfriend in year 7... who didn't?

She keeps asking me how old i was when i first got a boyfriend and she thinks I'm lying to her when i tell her i was 16 but to tell the truth that was my first boyfriend although it wasn't my first proper boyfriend (if that makes sense) that wasn't until i was 18... She used the excuse that dad didn't know when i started dating and now he knows that she is but back then i was in a completely different situation!!

My sister likes to keep things to her self... she doesn't like talking about girly stuff (if you know what i mean) so trying to talk to her about sex is hard! she just sits there and shrugs her shoulders which just annoys me so then i get frustrated and walk off... So how am i meant to talk to her about such a sensitive subject when all she does is shrug it off?

If you guys know how to approach this subject with younger siblings please let me know!! it's so hard to deal with this especially when i didn't have this conversation with anyone when i was younger!

I'm sorry about this kind of rant but i just thought i needed some advice!

Just Another Girl xxx


  1. Hey, I totally understand what you mean. I have a sister and she is in year 9 now and asks me a few questions here and there about boys and if she was to have one what should I say...She also keeps a lot of things to herself too. Honestly you can't get anything out of her that she wouldn't wan to say, just try to get close to her and eventually she should open up. About her talking about sex and that... that is very worrying. You need to sit down with her and tell her she shouldn't be thinking about that. It's wrong and underage/against the law (which lots of people don't care about) but it's not right. xx

    1. I wouldnt mind if she came home asking me questions about things, id be more willing to talk to her then it's when she comes home saying 2oh yeah iv'e got a boyfriend and we are talking about sex... thats the worrying part!!
      Thank you for your advice, i will try and sit own and talk to her! xxx

  2. I'm having a similar situation with my sister- she's more any way of getting attention, she will. Honestly, I just sat down with her and was completely frank- told her about everything. Literally all the dangers, all the ins and outs. Although she might not seem like she's listening, afterwards she'll probably be thinking about it and it'll stew over in her mind. Since I told my sister brutally about the dangers of some people online, the amount of people she doesn't know messaging her has almost completely gone. You just need to be brutally honest and set down blatant rules (in terms of the law) about what she can/can't do <3

    1. Thank you for the advice!! Hope all goes well with your sister!! xxx

  3. I would try and give advice but my two younger sisters don't care about buys (one is in year seven like yours but she's a real tomboy haha). If I were in your situation I would literally tell her everything straight and show her videos (appropriate of course lol) of teen mums and show her why she shouldn't be mucking around at the age of twelve with something that could be really serious xx Sometimes the best thing to do is to scare them off' the subject ;)
    Peace xo

    I really love your blog by the way! I'm thinking of signing up to the e-tail PR blogger network, do they send things to you? and is it fun working with them and their brands? xo

    1. I wish my sister was a tomboy sometimes haha! Thanks for the advice!!

      As for the e-tail PR blogger network, i have only recently signed up for it and haven't joined any campaigns but it is well worth signing up and seeing if there is anything you like on there!
      i love your blog! x