Saturday, 14 March 2015

Theory Of Everything | Film Review

Hey There,

Now i realise i am a bit late doing this review but to be honest i put of watching this film because i am the type of person to sit and not exactly watch the film, i would sit and look out for mistakes in the movie.

Until i watched this film...

Another reason i put off watching this film is because i love Stephen Hawking and i didn't think this film would give him enough justice, how wrong was i!

The first thing i noticed about the film is the amount of detail that went in to the set. The buildings looked like they belonged back in the 60's, the clothes they wore was amazing. I've read a few things online about the film and some of the clothes they wore in the film were very similar to clothes to that Hawking and Jane Hawking wore at times in their life (which i think is amazing!) as the film progresses the technology you see on set is so old i found myself wondering how they even managed to find technology that old!

The way Eddie Redmayne (played Stephen Hawking) and Felicity Jones (Played Jane Hawking) portrayed the characters was amazing i couldn't picture any other actors playing these characters, the fact that Redmayne only met Hawking once for a few hours before he started filming and still managed to do an outstanding performance and acted perfectly is remarkable.

Another thing i thought was incredible was the fact that Stephen Hawking's Voice was used at the end of the film once the Motor Neuron Disease had fully developed. It wouldn't of been right if they had used a different voice so I'm so happy that both Hawking and the Director (James Marsh) agreed to use Hawking's voice.

All these points have been good about the film although there is one thing that i didn't enjoy and that was once the film was ended it left me wanting more, some may say that's a good thing but i don't although i would love another part to the film!

There is actually nothing i can fault about the film (which is unusual for me). This film is truly amazing and inspirational, even if you don't like Stephen Hawking i would suggest you watch this film because it is an amazing story based on his life!

Now i think i have over used the word amazing but i can't think of another word to describe this film!

Thanks for reading and if you guys know of any other films that you think is worth watching leave it in the comments and i will check them out!

Just Another Girl xxx


  1. This film sounds amazing and this was a fantastic review you can tell you thought about what you wrote in a lot of detail xxx

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