Thursday, 12 March 2015

Growing up...♥

Hey There,

After a wonderful day shopping with my mum i finally have chance to sit down and write a blog post.  While i was out shopping in my mind i was thinking about growing up (not literally as i am already grown up or so i like to think anyway). 

When i was younger all i wanted to do was grow up, have my own place, make my own rules, make the things i love to eat, have my own family and everything else you can think of.
How wrong was i wanting to grow up...

It's not actually growing up i have a problem with, it's all the responsibilities that come along with it. Now i have been quite unlucky (some may not agree with me on it but i do class it as being unlucky). 

When i say i have been unlucky i mean that i have had to grow up before i was meant to. Since my little sister was born I've always had to look after her, i have been the only constant thing in her life because my dad works away a lot. He can be gone from a week to 3 months and my mum used to be a nurse, working long hours and hardly being around so i was always the one picking my sister  up from school taking her home, feeding her and made sure she was bathed and ready for school the next morning. 

That's a lot to deal with for a 15-16 year old girl (at the time). I had to grow up so quickly i didn't even know it was happening and before you know it i was able to cook a Sunday lunch all on my own able to do every single bit of house work, i knew exactly what to buy at the shops and i knew how to get my own job and get to and from work on my own. Now i don't think all of that is normal for such a young girl (i know my friends didn't have to deal with all of that as well as high school) on top of basically bringing my sister up my auntie would ask me to come and babysit her 4 children and 
i love all of her children they are amazing! To start of with i used to love looking after them as it means i got away from home for a night but then i realised i was going from looking after my sister to looking after my 4 cousins... i soon realised what i was doing and soon enough i resented my sister and my parents (it sounds horrible but i really did resent them for me loosing out on my teenage life).

One day i thought to my self since I'm practically an adult I'm going to start being one, so on top of babysitting/working/school i decided I'd take every chance i could to go out and actually have fun, i would leave the house as soon as my mum came home from work and i wouldn't return until 2-3am and i would do that everyday.

It's only since i moved to Australia I've calmed down and not gone out until early hours of the morning (probably because i don't know anyone here) but while I've been here I've been constantly thinking... Why on earth did i want to grow up?

Why did i want to leave them years where all i needed to worry about was whose house i was staying at on the weekend or who was staying at my house, or what colour dress i wanted to wear to the party or even how i should do my hair that day. Why does anyone want to leave them years behind just to grow up?

The only thing i love about growing up is working (that sounds crazy) but i love the fact i go out and earn my own money and it goes on what ever i want, i can spend it on clothes, make up a new tattoo anything i want and no one is there to complain!

The point that i want to say is don't grow up before you're meant to, you will end up resenting the people who made you grow up and you will soon wonder why your friends have more opportunities than you or why your friends go out more than you!

I'm not saying that growing up is completely horrible, it's just when you are forced to grow up instead of you choosing to grow into your adult self.

Anyways i think i have ranted on a bit to much in this post but since i was thinking about this all today i think it was just right i finally type it up and put it out there!

(I'm just going to leave this here...)

Just Another Girl xxx


  1. I loved reading this, it really makes you think

    check out my newest post

  2. I'm fourteen and I can't wait to grow up!... But this has made me reflect on my choices, maybe I need to slow down a little
    Peace xo

    1. The thought of growing up really is amazing but the thought compared to reality is so different i can't even explain it! All i can say is grow up slowly! don't skip your teenage years! xx

  3. I always wanted to grow up so fast so I would be taken more seriously. Its only now that I'm almost an adult that I'm starting to realise it wont be as much fun as I thought. Great post xxx

    1. Thoughts and reality are completely different in this situation!

      Thank you xxx